SHS Aviation Antwerp, trading as VLM Antwerp, has officially been declared bankrupt


On 16 July 2019, SHS Aviation Antwerp BV, trading as VLM Antwerp, a Belgian airline based at Antwerp, has been declared bankrupt.

VLM was an airline based at Antwerp Deurne from 1992 until 2016 before its first bankruptcy.

Its operations later were split into 2 parts, one at Antwerp with 5 Fokker F50, and one at Brussels, with 2 Airbus A320 (ground staff, headquarters as well, were taken over from Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium), which started in October and November 2017. The latter was taken over by ex-CEO Harm Prins in February 2018 and filed for bankruptcy in December 2018.

VLM Antwerp finally ceased operations on 31 August 2018, as the company entered into liquidation after closing many routes.

VLM was first on sale, didn’t succeed in being sold and we learnt today it was officially declared bankrupt since yesterday.

Thanks to forum member Passenger for the news, on VLM topic:


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