Is VLM Airlines moving to Slovenia in order to restart operations ?


“VLM Airlines” has been registered as a business in Slovenia,

tweeted Raphael Cockx from financial newspaper De Tijd.

We don’t speak Slovenian but with the help of Google Translate we now have more information:


Parent company

Key persons


Under key persons (Ključne osebe) we could find following names:

blank blank blank


Stanje TRR (state of the current account)


On this Slovenian website (

 The new owners of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, the Chinese-backed SHS Aviation, who last year became part-owners of Belgium’s VLM Airlines as well, following the carrier’s bankruptcy, are likely to move the company to the Slovenian city in order for it to restart operations. SHS recently registered VLM Airlines Slovenia with two of its board members, Siu Yin Pang and Yeung Gillian Yuen, also serving as directors of SHS Aviation Slovenia. Mr Yin Pang is expected to become the General Manager of Maribor Airport in the near future. VLM Airlines still owns seven Fokker 50 aircraft, which could be moved to Maribor. …

But later during the day, Yves Panneels, external spokesman for SHS Aviation Antwerp told newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws that VLM Airlines will keep its seat and its operations in Antwerp. About the Slovenian business registration of VLM Airlines, Panneels said that it has no significance: the name is registered only to protect the future.

Meanwhile, VLM Airlines is still waiting for its Belgian Air Operator Certificate…