VLM Airlines has been granted its Belgian AOC to operate Airbus A320 and Fokker 50 aircraft


VLM Airlines has received a licence to operate the two Airbus A320 aircraft that they took over from Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (TCAB). One of the aircraft (OO-TCX) is already wearing a flyVLM logo above its original TCAB colours and has already operated charter flights.

The Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport has confirmed that it has granted VLM Airlines the authorisation to use the TCAB licence for Airbus A320. VLM took over that licence together with two Airbus A320 aircraft and 40 TCAB ground staff employees. Most of the other activities were transferred to Brussels Airlines.

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UPDATE 14 November 23:10 VLM Airlines confirmed to VRT NWS this evening that they have been granted a Belgian AOC for the 3 remaining Fokker 50 aircraft.

VLM Airlines is already flying between Antwerp and London City airport using its Slovenian AOC.

Source: Belga:


  1. oh my god! who still wants to fly in these old f(u)okkers……? maybe theo francken can use them ……

  2. this francken can use these horrendous aircrafts (?) to fly so-called refugees back to their country of origin!


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