A second VLM Fokker 50 for Vizion Air. Before a Boeing 737?



The Belgian charter company Vizion Air (a subsidiary of The Aviation Factory) adds a second Fokker 50 to its fleet in order to satisfy an increasing demand. Like the first one (OO-VLP), this aircraft will be based at Antwerp Airport and will be operated by VLM Airlines, which will provide the crew and the maintenance

Vizion Air operates charter flights for companies, groups, tour operators and other parties who require customized transport for e.g. sport competitions, cultural events, incentive trips.

The second Fokker 50, with registration OOVLF, will soon be painted in the colours of  Vizion Air.

Besides the Fokker fleet Vizion Air also regularly uses third-party aircraft for its charter operations.

It looked at a Boeing 737 as well. We are currently in talks to take a 737 in our fleet by the end of 2016,” said CEO Carl Legein.


  1. Great news! 🙂
    Just a small correction, the ill fated OO-VLO does not fly anymore for the moment, it’s missing some important parts to say the least … currently OO-VLP has been rebranded Vizion Air livery and flying for them already for half a year or so. Indeed OO-VLF is due to be the 2nd.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Yannick. I modify the article accordingly. I had assumed the registration of the first Vizion Air aircraft based on the picture seen atop.

  3. no thanks André 😉 Well it was supposed to stay like that, but for a reason that aicraft was put aside for a while and in the process some spare parts of that one where used to service the rest of the fleet, in the mean time Vizion Air was in need of an aircraft that took over sooner than it would take for the OO-VLO to be ready for flight so they rebranded OO-VLP instead. OO-VLO was put into active service again for a few months before being put aside again untill fleet demand rises again. 😉


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