VLM Airlines N.V. (Brussels) is not in liquidation

VLM Airlines Airbus A321 registered OO-SBA © André Orban

On Friday 31 August, a press release was sent by SHS Antwerp Aviation NV, from which we quote:

SHS Aviation B.V., the majority shareholder of the N.V. SHS Antwerp Aviation (VLM), today decided at an extraordinary general assembly to dissolve the Belgian airline and to liquidate it.

Unfortunately, in many newspaper and web articles of the past few days, it has been written that “VLM Airlines” would have been placed in liquidation. This is NOT the case and this cannot be deduced from the press release issued by SHS Antwerp Aviation last Friday.

VLM Airlines NV, based at Brussels Airport, is a company other than SHS Antwerp Aviation or any subsidiary of SHS Aviation. Since February 2018, VLM Airlines NV has been owned by shareholders other than SHS Antwerp Aviation. There are no mutual or joint interests between the two shareholder groups.

VLM Airlines NV carries out flights for its own account with Airbus aircraft and has no interest in SHS Antwerp Aviation, which operated flights with Fokker 50s under the name “VLM”.

There will, therefore, be no impact whatsoever on the flights that VLM Airlines NV carries out daily from Brussels and Hanover with its Airbus A320 and A321“, says Harm J. Prins, CEO of VLM Airlines NV. “Of course, VLM Airlines NV regrets the discontinuation of the activities from Antwerp Airport by SHS Antwerp Aviation, and wishes staff of SHS Antwerp Aviation all the strength in this difficult situation.”

Prins adds: “At the moment there is no negotiation between VLM Airlines NV and its shareholders with the liquidators of SHS Antwerp Aviation to take over the activities of SHS Antwerp Aviation NV“.

Comment: VLM Airlines (Brussels) should have changed its name immediately after it was split off to avoid any confusion.


  1. Well, as the Antwerp based VLM is gone unfortunately, there is no longer a need for a name change!


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