Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium wins Safety Award at Brussels Airport


Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium received the Safety Award during the annual Brussels Airport Aviation Awards that took place yesterday. During these Aviation Awards airline companies flying out of Brussels Airport are recognised for their punctuality, efficiency, safety, network development award, cargo performance award, environment award, …

The “Safety Award” goes to the company making a particularly active contribution in 2015 to continued improvements in safety standards and awareness.

Captain Carl-Philippe Combes, Safety Manager from Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium: “As an airline company safety is our constant priority, and because of our commitment and in the interests of our passengers and staff, both in the air and on the ground, we never wish to compromise on this matter and shall always continue to strive for improvements. This award is therefore the recognition that the entire Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium team work to achieve this goal each and every day”.

 Diegem, 18 March 2016