When Sabena comes back to life in Italy…


When Belgium’s national football team, the Belgian Red Devils, fly to a foreign destination to play a qualifying game on their road to the European Championship 2020, they always fly on Brussels Airlines’ A320 OO-SNA sporting their Red Devils livery. This weekend, OO-SNA operated a series of flights to pick up the squad in Rimini, Italy and fly them to Glasgow, Scotland.

In some countries, however, you still hear the name of Brussels Airlines’ predecessor: Sabena, the venerable old lady of 78 years that went bankrupt in … 2001.

While Brussels Airlines has been flying through Europe’s skies for quite some time now, the computer in Rimini still didn’t pick it up. In the terminal, the information screens brought out the old Sabena logo. To the delight of some passengers and journalists.

© Manuel Jous
© Manuel Jous


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