Primera Air crew left stranded abroad, forced to sleep on airport floor

Primera Air Boeing 737 MAX 9

Not only thousands of Primera Air passengers have been left stranded after the airline’s collapse, pilots and flight attendants also stayed behind abroad. On Twitter, a flight attendant – nicknamed Loz – reached out to several airlines to bring her and her crew back to England.

Apparently it was too late to catch a flight as the crew was forced to sleep on the – less than luxurious – airport floor.

During the night, Loz tweeted about their situation at Primera Air: “Since the company started flying from London in March we all stuck by the airline. Dealing with angry passengers who has had flights delayed 16+ hours, or flights cancelled in the days previous, talked people through EU Compensation, consoled people…..

Who had missed weddings funerals christenings because of late or cancelled flights. Worked on our days off just to keep the airline going. Just to be shit on and left without a hotel room flights or money, with crews stuck in Toronto, Washington, Boston, New York, Paris and Keflavik.

Ridiculous. And to top it off we didn’t get paid for September so looks like I better invest in some portable chargers because we ain’t having electricity this month sorry darling.


  1. NOT ALL BAD NEWS LADIES … may as well come join myself and one of your fellow primera flight crew for a drink … while we await Norwegian to the rescue ….leave those pesky pilots behind though 😉 Sorry fellas ….


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