A snow-covered stored Olympic Airways Boeing 747-200 tail tips


A snow blizzard has paralyzed a large part of Greece and Turkey. A rare occurrence in that part of Europe. Alex Filippopoulos, a Greek photographer was able to capture a few amazing shots of a stored Boeing 747-200 (registered SX-OAB) at former Ellinikon airport, Athens, Greece.

Due to the pile-up of snow (and the lack of the four heavy engines), the aircraft tipped backwards onto her tail.

Photographer Filippopoulos comments on his Facebook-page: “Personally, my highlight of this bad weather. The abandoned Boeing 747 dropped onto her tail due to the weight of the snow. As if she wanted to get up and leave, to escape from the humiliation she experienced for being stored for the past 21 years and from the future transformation into kitchenware and key chains.”

According to Planespotters.net, originally this “queen of the skies” was preserved by the Olympic Airways Employees’ Cultural Center (Polkeoa) with the intention of it being put on display at an onsite museum.

© Alex Filippopoulos
© Alex Filippopoulos
© Alex Filippopoulos


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