Germania opens up new sales channels via Amadeus Altéa


From now on, Germania will be selling its products digitally via the Amadeus Altéa Inventory System.

After twelve months of preparation and implementation of this system solution, the airline with the green and white aircraft now has a wide range of advanced technologies at its disposal and is able to achieve significant progress in developing its digital customer processes.

The reorientation of its digital offering supports Germania’s strategy of expanding its sales channels, while simultaneously optimising its in-house processes. This includes greater seat-only sales via travel agencies and tour operators as well as add-on bookings of individual services. Furthermore, Germania opens up towards travel agent sales via Amadeus by joining Traveltainment Bistro Portal and Amadeus Tour Market. The airline from Berlin additionally provides its flight content to dynamic tour operators in Traveltainment Dynamic Packaging. The booking system is faster at handling specific requirements, such as flying with sports equipment or excess baggage, and in future customers will be able to book not only a flight but to add on further purchases, including XL seats, special meals or onboard products. Germania is continuing its basic service, which provides free snacks and soft drinks as well as 20 kilogrammes free baggage allowance.

The introduction of the Inventory System means a central technology boost for us“, said Paul Scodellaro, Director Sales, at the launch of Germania’s new system solution. “We are now in a position to implement travel requirements interactively with our sales partners and passengers quickly and directly, and to initiate further stages of digitisation.

As the new technology is launched, Germania will be promoting the development of a mobile app, which is due to be presented in spring 2018. It will allow customers to book tickets as well as add-on products. The app will also be significant onboard Germania flights from 2020 onwards, when passengers will be able to access the onboard entertainment programme in the newly delivered A320neo aircraft on their own devices, including laptops and tablets. Digitisation is also clearing the way for new customer information and price control methods, as well as opening up new interfaces for further cooperation arrangements.

BERLIN – 05 December 2017


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