Germania files for insolvency and ceases operations with immediate effect

Germania Airbus fleet in Bremen © K. Kiessling/Germania

Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH, its sister maintenance company Germania Technik Brandenburg GmbH as well as Germania Flugdienste GmbH filed for insolvency at Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg on Monday, February 4, 2019. Flight operations will be terminated in the night from February 4 to February 5. Germania’s employees have been informed. Swiss airline Germania Flug AG and Bulgarian Eagle are not affected by this step.

Karsten Balke, CEO Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH, said: “Unfortunately, we were ultimately unable to bring our financing efforts to cover a short-term liquidity need to a positive conclusion. We very much regret that consequently, our only option was to file for insolvency. It is of course the impact that this step will have on our employees that we regret the most. All of them as a team always did their best to secure reliable and stable flight operations – even in the stressful weeks behind us. I would like to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart. I apologise to our passengers who now cannot take their Germania flight as planned.

Those Passengers affected by the suspension of flight operations who booked their Germania flight as part of a package holiday can contact their respective tour operator in order to organize substitute carriage. For passengers who have booked directly with Germania, there is unfortunately no entitlement to substitute carriage.

Germania’s short-term liquidity need emerged mainly due to unforeseeable events such as massive increases in fuel prices last summer and the simultaneous weakening of the euro against the US dollar, considerable delays in phasing aircraft into the fleet and an unusually high number of maintenance events that the airline’s aircraft required were major burdens for the company.

Germania has successfully completed financing negotiations


  1. FYI Mr Balke and lead administrator Mr Wienberg have failed to pay the salaries of the UK, Hungarian and Spanish crew for over 3 months. We were asked to carry on wokrking for them to make the company look better for potential bids and that they would pay us but they didnt pay our January, February or March salaries.
    Mr Balke is a fraud! He has left his out of German based crew without their money for over 3 months after we have shown commitment to Germania for several years!
    Utter and complete disgrace! No humanity, loyalty or professionalism from either Balke or Wienberg in this insolvency situation.
    He took a perfectly working and good company and put it into the ground, he aught to be ashamed of himself and I hope he never gets another job in aviation again as he couldn’t run a drinks evening in a brewery!!!!


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