Airbus A319 D-ASTL joins the Germania fleet



Final Countdown for Germania’s newest addition: an Airbus A 319 is being made ready for operations at Berlin Schönefeld Airport. The aircraft with the identification code D-ASTL is one of the four planes that will extend Germania’s fleet in 2017. Before the A319 was delivered to Berlin, where it is getting its final touch, the aircraft went through an extensive control procedure in Arizona. Literally, a ton of documents was being checked here. The whole process took two months.

Right now the maintenance sister company Germania Technik Brandenburg ensures that the aircraft with 144 seats complies with the quality standards of Germania. This not only applies to the technical facilities, but also to the interior of the plane. In the middle of May, the A319 which then will be branded with the green and white livery, will start its service with its first flight from the airport Rostock-Laage to the Greek island Cos. The aircraft will mostly connect northern German cities with warm weather destinations, such as  Corfu, Antalya, Athens or Fuerteventura.


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