Germany is a winner for inbound tourism, says bmi regional and

  • Biggest inbound market for outdoor accommodation according to
  • bmi regional also report increase year on year

They may not be our closest neighbours, but Germany is a hit when it comes to holidays say British tourism businesses.

Figures from outdoor accommodation provider,, and airline, bmi regional, demonstrate the importance of Germany for inbound tourism, outshining our nearest neighbour, France.

bmi regional’s figures from the past 15 months show an average of 1,500 passengers per month travel into the UK from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. The summer months see the highest influx of travellers with July 2014 bringing in over 2,000 passengers, presumably all looking to enjoy a break in the beautiful British countryside.

Similarly, outdoor accommodation specialist, has reported that the Germans love nothing more than setting foot on British soil, with the country showing the highest number of bookings on the site after our very own domestic holidaymakers, and 39% more than France.

Commenting on the figures Dan Yates, founder of said: “Brits will always be the main customers at British sites, but it’s interesting to see that Germany is the next largest with 287 bookings in the past 12 months, up 55% on the year before. This is especially impressive given the strength of the pound against the euro which one might have thought would have reduced inbound tourism.

Data from bmi shows Bristol is the main entry gateway to the south west of England, repeatedly a best seller for, with the majority of the bookings taken for Cornwall and Devon.

The figures roughly match those of VisitBritain which show Germany is the second most popular origin for inbound tourism, representing 10% of all overseas visitors to the UK, with 73% of inbound visitors arriving by air.

A document from March 2015 by VisitBritain shows that Germans praised the British sport, music and culture as driving reasons for visiting the country. Germans are also most likely to visit a destination that has appeared on TV or in the movies. The British film industry has firmly put the UK on the map thanks to the likes of Harry Potter and James Bond.*

Paul Sies, Chief Commercial Officer at bmi regional said: “Germany has been at the heart of our business since the launch of bmi regional. These are key routes for us both from a business and leisure perspective.”

18 May 2015


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