VLM Airlines to operate flights for Flybe between March and August


VLM Airlines-Operated Flights (14th March – 31st August 2016)

Flybe has recently partnered with VLM Airlines to offer additional flights from 14th March and 31st August 2016.  VLM will be flying for Flybe passengers on the following routes:
  • Manchester (MAN) to:
    • Aberdeen (ABZ)
    • Amsterdam (AMS)
    • Belfast City (BHD)
    • Dusseldorf (DUS)
    • Exeter (EXT)
    • Isle of Man (IOM)
    • Jersey (JER)
    • Knock – Ireland West (NOC)
    • Nantes (NTE)
    • Newquay (NQY)
    • Rotterdam (RTM)
    • Southampton (SOU)

Flybe will continue to operate flights on these routes during this period, bolstered by the VLM-operated flights.

If you have an existing booking on one of these routes between March and August, you will be contacted by email if VLM will be operating your flight.  You do not need to do anything, as all of the previous details of your booking will transfer over automatically.

VLM-Operated Flights FAQs

For answers to common questions, please read the below:

Q: What aircraft will operate my flight?

A: VLM will be operating flights for Flybe in the Fokker 50 (F50) aircraft.  This is a 50-seat, turboprop aircraft that is used by many airlines.  Click the thumbnail below for a high-definition image:


Q: Can oxygen be carried on these flights?

A: Unfortunately, you are unable to bring personal oxygen for medical use with you on flights operated by VLM Airlines.  Flybe will still be operating these routes alongside VLM, so please choose a Flybe-operated flight if you have this requirement.

Q: Are firearms allowed to be carried in my hold bag?

A: No, firearms cannot be carried on VLM-operated flights.

Q: Can I bring my medical or mobility equipment with me?

A: Yes, VLM will carry all medical and mobility equipment that you would be able to bring onto a Flybe flight.  Due to the aircraft size, they are usually only able to allow 1 mobility scooter or electric wheelchair on each flight.  Please contact ourSpecial Assistance Team if you have any concerns regarding this.

Q: Can unaccompanied minors travel on VLM-operated flights?

A: Yes, you can arrange for the unaccompanied minor service for any child travelling unaccompanied between the ages of 4 to 12 years.  Children 12 years and up can travel unaccompanied without the need for this service.

Source: Flybe customer help

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