[movie] Sabena – Delta Air Transport (DAT) Embraer E-120ER Brasilia test flight


In 1997 former DAT (Delta Air Transport) started to phase out its Embraer E-120ER Brasilia aircraft, and the new AVRO RJ-85 jets entered the Sabena fleet. In this movie captain Bart Decock and copilot Eddy Bosmans took out OO-DTL for a test flight, as the aircraft was acquired by French regional airline Régional.

The movie was filmed with a VHS-camera hence the images are not always sharp, but you clearly spot some aircraft of the past: OO-DTI & OO-DTG (Embraer E-120), PH-BRK (Embraer E-120 left to BASE airlines), Sabena – DAT OO-DJY (AVRO RJ-85). While the aircraft is pulled out of the old DAT-hangar (north of runway 25R) you can spot a Citybird MD-11 taking off. During taxi to the runway a Sobelair Boeing 737 is waiting its turn.

Movie © Bart Decock


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