airberlin maintains stable capacity utilization in February

 In February 2016, airberlin was able to maintain virtually stable capacity utilization (RPK/ASK) compared to the corresponding month of the previous year and recorded only a slight decrease of 1 percentage point to 83.6 percent. When taking into consideration the accumulated time period, airberlin increased its capacity utilization by 0.8 percentage points to 82.1 percent over the previous year.

Stefan Pichler, CEO of airberlin, said: “Despite the generally unstable situation in the travel market, airberlin recorded only a minor decrease in capacity utilization, and was able to increase its accumulated capacity utilization. We reacted promptly to the diminishing demand for flights to some markets, and shifted capacity to the Caribbean and the Balearic Islands. In the coming months, we will continue to do all we can to improve capacity utilization still further.

As a result of the continuing capacity reduction, the world-wide number of passengers traveling on airberlin in February decreased by 6.3 percent in yearly comparison, to 1,705,545 passengers. Similarly, the available seat kilometres (ASK) decreased by 5.7 percent, to 3.388 billion kilometres. airberlin’s passengers travelled a total of 2.832 billion kilometres (RPK) on airberlin’s global flight route network, which corresponds to a decrease of 6.8 percent year on year.


February 2016
Kumuliert 2016
Capacity 2,223,792 (-3,7%) 4,376,168 (-6,0%)
Number of Passengers
1,705,545 (-6,3%) 3,274,720 (-6,9%)
ASK in millions
3,388 (-5,7%) 6,867 (-8,0%)
RPK in millions 2,832 (-6,8%) 5,638 (-7,2%)
Capacity utilization rate on % 83.6 (-1,0 PP) 82.1 (+0,8 PP)
9 March 2016


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