airberlin increases capacity utilization in April


Despite the decline in tourist travel and the associated capacity reduction, airberlin was able to increase its capacity utilization in April by 0.7 percentage points to 81.8 percent in yearly comparison. Furthermore, the accumulated capacity utilization remained virtually stable and increased by 0.3 percentage points to 82.9 percent in yearly comparison.

In line with the capacity reduction by 7.8 percent, the worldwide number of passengers traveling on airberlin in April decreased by 8.0 percent to 2,168,940 passengers, and the number of available seat kilometres (ASK) decreased by 9.5 percent to 4.102 billion kilometres.

airberlin’s passengers traveled approximately 3.356 billion kilometres (RPK) on airberlin’s worldwide flight route network, which corresponds to a capacity-related decrease by 8.7 percent in comparison with the corresponding month of the previous year.

Stefan Pichler, CEO of airberlin, stated: “Despite cross-sector market volatilities, we were once again able to increase our capacity utilization. This demonstrates that airberlin, with its attractive flight route network and the outstanding products and services on offer, is able to sustain its competitive edge. In the coming months, the optimization of our network will remain a cornerstone of airberlin’s reorientation. To this effect, we are focusing on our expanded range of long-haul flights from the airberlin hubs Düsseldorf and Berlin.

April 2016
Kumuliert 2016
Capacity 2,754,582 (-7,8%) 9,794,792 (-6,4%)
Number of Passengers
2,168,940 (-8,0%) 7,585,558 (-7,1%)
ASK in millions
4,102 (-9,5%) 15,079 (-7,8%)
RPK in millions 3,356 (-8,7%) 12,507 (-7,5%)
Capacity utilization rate on % 81.8 (+0,7 PP) 82.9 (+0,3 PP)

4 May 2016