Adria Airways cancels order for 15 Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft, apparently for financial reasons


In November 2018, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft apparently was able to find a new customer in Western Europe for its Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft: Adria Airways (Slovenia) signed an LOI for the purchase of 15 SSJ100s. Deliveries, under a long-term lease, were scheduled to start in 2019. The two sides also signed an agreement to establish a joint venture for MRO of SSJ100s in Ljubljana.

Adria Airways cancelled its MOU with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft regarding the long term lease of 15 SSJ100s, as the carrier has not been able to finalise the contractual clauses with the Russian side.

In response to the Adria Airways’ decision to cancel the SSJ100 order for its fleet, the manufacturer of the type of the aircraft is to say the following on 3 April:

In November 2018 there was a preliminary agreement achieved about the delivery of 15 aircraft to Adria Airways in 2019. The Agreement was supposed to be transferred to the firm order.

The institutions that were to provide the financing, after consideration the Adria Airways financial report for 2018, recommended SCAC to cancel the deal in order to factor out the losses. The recommendations were accepted and the work was stopped.

The delivery of the aircraft is impossible without the firm order.


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