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Belgian travel and aviation sector call for introduction of antigen testing for travellers at airports

ABTO, Air Belgium, A4E, BAR Belgium, BATA, BATM, Belgian Travel Organisation, Brussels Airport   Company, Brussels Hotels Association, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, CLIA, IATA, UPAV...

[WWII Commemorations] “75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge” in Bastogne area (Belgium)

Authors Benoit Denet & Martin Gillet, reporting from Saint-Hubert. This Friday, December 13th and this weekend December 14th and 15th, the operation Piper Cub...

[75th Anniversary Commemoration] “Piper Cub Ardennes honouring Belgian skies”

Authors Benoit Denet & Martin Gillet, reporting from Saint-Hubert.September, no doubt, was quite hectic with all celebrations taking place in Belgium in order to...

[Amusement Park] Awarded “2019 Best Attractions Park”, WALIBI adds new thrill – FUN Pilot – for the pleasure of younger guests

It is summertime again! Perhaps you are wondering how to entertain the nephews, your children or just your family.The Legendary Amusement Park 'WALIBI' (which...

[Barclays research] The ‘staycation’ is on for British holidaymakers

Hospitality and leisure businesses across the UK have seen a rising demand from domestic tourists  – with holidaymakers citing convenience and affordability as two...

ePassport Gates expansion to ease travel for passengers to the UK from seven countries including Canada and the US

Citizens of the US and Canada are among seven countries who can now use ePassport gates, giving easier and faster entry into the UK.The expansion of the...

Exhibition: 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci – Exhibition inventions of a “genius”

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, an exhibition on this genius and his inventions are organised...

[Travel Report- Atypical Accommodation] Jumbo Stay in Boeing 747 at Arlanda Airport (Stockholm, Sweden)

You have flown the Queen of the sky across the globe, you might have been lucky and got granted access to the flight deck...

[Destination Report] Kainuu, a northeastern region of Finland

Kainuu? You have probably never heard of it...This region bordering Russia, one of the 19 regions of Finland in the Northeast of the country, is...

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