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European pilots urge EASA to conduct a “thorough and independent review” before Boeing’s MAX return to service

On 23 May, regulators from across the globe met in Texas (USA), to discuss a possible return to service of the grounded Boeing 737...

EU and Qatar reach aviation agreement – Eurocockpit reacts negatively, airports & tourism organisations applaud

The European Commission and the State of Qatar initialled today an aviation agreement, the first such agreement between the EU and a partner from...

The European Cockpit Association (ECA) continues its tussle with Ryanair

New year, same threats to Ryanair pilots 2018 was a pivotal year for Ryanair and its pilots and cabin crew, engaging in the previously unchartered...

Pilots’ call to shareholders: “Ryanair management & governance must change”

Tomorrow, investors will meet at Ryanair’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) – under a general media ‘lock-out’ imposed by the airline’s management team. One year...

Pilots of transnational airlines align cross-border strategy

The growth of transnational airlines operating throughout Europe, and further afield, has led pilots to recognise that they must cooperate even more closely and...

Historic step for Ryanair pilots and their unions with the creation of a transnational pilot group

Coordination & cooperation agreement lays the foundation for a Transnational Pilot Group Ryanair pilots continue to write history – this time with the support and...

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