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April fools' day

The upside-down airline: a wildly unique flying experience that couldn’t stay afloat

In the early 2000s, a small airline called "Fool's Air" made waves in the aviation industry for their unconventional approach to flying. They were...

[April fools’ day] LiveToFly: a new charter airline linking Belgium and South Africa ?

From today, it's possible to book direct flights between Belgium and South Africa as a new charter airline has been launched, Aviation24.be determined from...

Emirates reveals SkyLounge (on 1 April) for Boeing 777X fleet

Emirates reveals SkyLounge, the most exclusive Onboard Lounge to be introduced on its Boeing 777X fleet from 2020. A completely transparent lounge with unmatched...

Yesterday IKEA launched FLIKEA Airlines; … and other fake stories (April Fools’ day)

Perhaps you have noticed that luchtzak.be added some fake news (alternative facts) for the celebration of April fools' day, perhaps not (yet). ;-) The...

Delta plans first interstellar destination, taking global network to new heights

ATLANTA, April 1, 2017 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), no longer content to offer the industry’s most thoughtful customer service, most innovative products...

Scoop: After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF) Brussels Airlines will unveil its newest Belgian icon “Malinwa”

After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF), Brussels Airlines and KV Mechelen created Malinwa, the fifth aircraft (OO-SSW) in the airline’s Belgian Icons series. This evening Brussels Airlines...

Emirates unveils plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft the APR001 !

Emirates unveils plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.

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