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Prepare for take-off with the new 2083-pieces LEGO® Concorde set

The LEGO Group unveils a set that is sure to reach new heights – the LEGO® Concorde Set. Arguably one of the most iconic...

Aérospatiale SE-316B Alouette III withdrawn from service for Belgian Air Force

On this Thursday 8 July 2021 at Koksijde Air Base, the Belgian Air Force will retire the last two Alouette III helicopters. A third aircraft...

An original late 1960’s test specimen Concorde nose cone for sale

This original late 1960's test specimen Concorde nose cone section, complete with pilots visor and internal hydraulic rams for its operation is for sale...

The first flight of the Concorde happened exactly 50 years ago

On 2 March 1969, the Concorde took off for her very first flight. It was a "faultless" maiden flight. Two previous test flights had to...

Concorde droop-nose fully functional for 50th anniversary

Soon, you can watch Concorde droop-nose as if it were approaching the runway.This year marks 50 years since Concorde’s maiden flight - from Toulouse...

On this day 17 years ago the Air France Concorde #AF4590 crashed near Roissy

Air France Flight 4590 was a chartered international flight from Paris, France, to New York City, on the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde. On 25 July 2000, at...

Last built and last flown Concorde 216 (G-BOAF) returns home

Concorde 216, registration G-BOAF, was the last Concorde built, and was also the last in a long line of Bristol-designed aircraft to be assembled...

Concorde celebrates 40th anniversary

Captain Mike Bannister, British Airways’ former chief Concorde pilot, returned to Heathrow today to inspect the iconic supersonic aircraft, which is celebrating the 40th...

Death of André Turcat, aviation pioneer and first pilot of the Concorde

Legendary test pilot André Turcat died Monday night at the age of 94. He was the first aviator to have flown the famous Concorde 2...

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