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Wildcat strike at Brussels Airport handling agent

This morning at 06:30, a wildcat strike started at handling agent Aviapartner. Some TUI flights departed without luggage.Holiday airline TUI seems most affected...

Wildcat strike of handling agent Aviapartner disrupts air traffic at Brussels Airport

The wildcat strike that started this morning (6:00 AM) at handling agent Aviapartner is seriously disrupting travel plans of thousands of passengers that want...

Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines, skeyes, TUI, DHL and Aviapartner sign Circular Economy Commitment

Today, Brussels Airport has signed the Circular Economy Commitment, created within the Sustainable Transition Chair, an initiative of Antwerp Management School and the University...

Belgian ground handler Aviapartner gets 25 million euro lifeline from Belgian government

The Belgian government has approved a 25 million euro loan to help Aviapartner overcome the Covid-19 crisis. The 6-year convertible loan will be granted...

Brussels Airport can handle 90% of the flights after the demise of Swissport

Ninety percent of all flights at Brussels Airport can be handled, the operator of the national airport said on Thursday. Monday, 15 June, is...

In the midst of a worldwide aviation crisis, handler Aviapartner becomes Belgian again

Laurent Levaux, chairman of the Board of Directors of Aviapartner, along with a few other managers, has bought the shares from American investment fund...

The two handlers at Brussels Airport (Swissport and Aviapartner) again in the red for 2018

Swissport Belgium and Aviapartner Belgium, the two handlers at Brussels Airport, failed to come out of the red figures last year. As in 2017,...

Aviapartner resumes work at Brussels Airport after agreement between unions and management – still 100 flights cancelled

White smoke at Aviapartner! Last night, an agreement has been reached between management and the unions representing the employees. On Thursday, six days ago,...

Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport to continue on Tuesday – work to resume on Wednesday @ 06:00 ?

The Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport will not end before Wednesday 06:00 (UTC +1), several sources have reported, the wildcat strike that started last...

Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport to enter day five on Monday

It's highly uncertain when handling agent Aviapartner will resume operations at Brussels Airport as day-long negotiations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday have ended without...

Negotiations at Aviapartner to resume this afternoon while strike continues

It's highly uncertain when Aviapartner will resume operations at Brussels Airport as day-long negotiations on Friday and Saturday have ended without any result. Last...

Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport to continue on Saturday; work to resume on Sunday 06:00 ?

https://www.aviation24.be/airports/brussels/strike-brussels-airport-to-enter-day-five-on-monday/Handling agent Aviapartner will resume its operations on Sunday morning 06:00 (UTC +1), if negotiations are successful. The wildcat strike that started Thursday evening will...

Aviapartner Ostend to ask special creditor protection for the next three months

Handling agent Aviapartner Ostend will ask special creditor protection, trade unionist Birger Victor told Belgian Focus - WTV. "The total loss of Aviapartner's Ostend...

Brussels Airport: Wildcat strike at handling agent Aviapartner

This afternoon, staff of handling agent Aviapartner decided to stop working. The employees say they are unhappy with the "current understaffing"."A spontaneous action by...
Cargo Loading on a 747F

Aviapartner baggage handlers on wildcat strike at Amsterdam Schiphol

Employees of ground handler Aviapartner have spontaneously stopped working this morning at Schiphol Amsterdam airport. According to a union representative at FNV Luchtvaart there has...

Wildcat strike of Aviapartner baggage handlers at Brussels Airport – Return to normal on Saturday

Aviapartner employees have "spontaneously" stopped working at Brussels Airport on 26 November, causing disruptions in baggage handling. Brussels Airport informed passengers that if their flight...
Cargo Loaded at Brussels Airport

Aviapartner Belgium asks Council of State to cancel temporary licence at Brussels Airport

Aviapartner Belgium has written a letter to the Belgian Council of State as they are unhappy about the temporary licence at Brussels Airport. The...
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ACV-Transcom complains about staff shortages, inadequate equipment and abuse of one-day contracts at Aviapartner

Yesterday's meeting between Aviapartner management and the worker unions didn't go as planned, ACV-Transcom union wrote on their website. ACV-Transcom complained about staff shortages, inadequate...

Ryanair ends Swissport contract at Brussels Airport

This week Ryanair has informed Swissport that it will not renew its three-year contract for ground handling operations. The Ryanair-Swissport contract expires on February 28th....

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