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Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA)

Swedish airline BRA started flights between Helsinki Airport and Stockholm Bromma Airport

Swedish airline BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines, started a connection between Helsinki Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport on September 12, 2022.The connection between the two...

Collision between a lorry and a Brussels Airlines aircraft in Stockholm Bromma: several passengers stuck in the Swedish capital

Several dozen Belgians have been stuck in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Friday evening. They should have returned home with Brussels Airlines flight SN2306...

Missing (sleepy) fire chief causes delay at Stockholm Bromma

Amazement at the airport of Stockholm Bromma, Sweden on Thursday morning (9 June) when air traffic control announced a delay. Surprisingly, the delay was...

Swedish government to investigate the future of Stockholm’s airports Arlanda and Bromma – once again

The ultimate goal is for Bromma to be closed down and Arlanda to be developed. Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth has launched another inquiry...

The Swedish government wants to close Stockholm’s Bromma Airport

The government of Sweden wants to close Bromma Airport. An inquiry has been launched on how the airport will be closed down and how...

Aviation industry players collaborate on first regional aviation “Perfect Flight” in Sweden

On 16 May, a number of companies from across the aviation sector have risen to the challenge of turning a typical weekday service from...

[Pictures] First landing of a Brussels Airlines Airbus A319 at Stockholm Bromma

On 6 July, Brussels Airlines operated an Airbus A319 (OO-SSE) to Stockholm Bromma. Normally these flights are operated by Cityjet Sukhoi Superjets, but from...

Finnair to add connections to Stockholm Bromma and deepen cooperation with Swedish BRA

Finnair will add connections to Stockholm’s Bromma airport, and deepen its cooperation with the Swedish regional airline BRA. With the new frequencies, Finnair adds...

Sukhoi Superjet 100 confirmed its ability to fly from short runways

Since the beginning of July 2017 Sukhoi Superjet 100 has successfully performed flights to one of the oldest airports of Northern Europe – Bromma...

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