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Southern California Logistics (Victorville) Airport (VCV)

[Coronavirus] Delta Air Lines pilot shares his chilling experience flying one of his airline’s jets to storage

Last Monday (23 March), Delta Air Lines co-pilot Chris Dennis was assigned to operate an Airbus A321 to Victorville, California, United States for long-term...

Before year’s end, Qatar Airways took delivery of seven Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners; but with a strange itinerary

On 26 December, Qatar Airways took delivery of its first 4 of 30 Boeing 787-9's, an order that was announced back in 2016: A7-BHA,...

Southwest Airlines stores entire Boeing 737 MAX fleet in Victorville, California

Southwest Airlines, the world's biggest operator of the Boeing 737 MAX is moving its entire MAX fleet (34 aircraft) to Victorville, an airport in...