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Articles about the strategic vision of Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport strengthens its actions to reduce ultra-fine particle emissions and moves its engine test run site.

Within the scope of Forum 2040, the open dialogue regarding the long-term development of the airport, Brussels Airport has committed to conducting further research...

Brussels Airport plane spotting platforms to be completed by April 2018

Great news for plane spotters that love to catch their favourite aircraft at Brussels Airport. The airport just announced that the environmental permit for...

Brussels Airport in 2040 with a bird’s-eye view

Brussels Airport has released a video on Youtube showcasing how the airport could look like in 2040. The three minute video offers viewers a unique...

Dialogue sessions on Brussels Airport strategic vision Forum 2040 start end September

The sessions will be chaired by honorary-ambassador Lode Willems At the end of September, the dialogue sessions for Forum 2040, the consultation platform for the...

Brussels Airport Forum 2040 begins with information meeting for all candidates

A first information meeting for Forum 2040 has been held at Brussels Airport. All eligible candidates for Forum 2040 were invited to attend the...

Forum 2040, the dialogue platform on the strategic vision of Brussels Airport, to start in the second quarter of 2017

Forum 2040, the dialogue platform where a variety of stakeholders involved in the Strategic Vision 2040 of Brussels Airport will talk to each other...

Brussels Airport spotters area 2040

New 'official' spotting place at Brussels Airport in 2040 near runway 25L. Discuss: http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/viewtopic.php?p=344354#p344354After: Brussels Airport strategic vision 2040

Top diplomat Jan Grauls to chair Forum 2040 on strategic vision of Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is delighted to announce that Jan Grauls will chair the Forum 2040, the dialogue platform where a variety of stakeholders will talk...

Brussels Airport unveils its Strategic Vision 2040

As important growth engine for the country, Brussels Airport is preparing for the future. That is why Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist today...

Brussels Airport is preparing a strategic plan for 2040

At this moment Brussels Airport (BAC) is preparing its strategic plan for 2040, a major expansion of Brussels Airport can be expected, newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad'...

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