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Brussels Region noise regulation

Belgian Mobility Minister announces tougher noise standards at Brussels Airport

Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet intends to subject Brussels Airport to stricter noise standards in order for airlines to modernise their fleets more quickly, according...
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The ombudsman for Brussels Airport says no new safety study on wind standards is necessary

At the request of the Finance Inspector of the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport, and of the Public Procurement Unit of the...

The Belgian Federal Ombudsman for Air Transport decides to carry out himself the Brussels Airport noise register mandated by the Government 20 years ago

50 years of flying and going around in circles in the case of nuisances around Brussels-National, the Mediator himself carries out the famous noise...

The Federal Mediation Service for Brussels Airport celebrates its 20th anniversary and makes new proposals

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his entry into office (1 February 2002) and the 20th anniversary of the publication of the...

Brussels Airport Ombudsman issues the split between day and night flights in 2020 at the airport

The Belgian Federal Government's Mediation Service for Brussels-National Airport presents the official traffic figures at Brussels-National for the year 2020; this data comes from...

Belgian State has to pay millions to residents in the vicinity of Runway 01/19 of Brussels Airport

On 22 October, the Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of more than 300 residents living in the so-called Oostrand, the vicinity...

Brussels Airport’s ombudsman assesses the runway renovation works completed this summer

The renovation work on the main Brussels Airport runway 25R has just been completed: air traffic can resume normally through the usual corridors. The...

Brussels Airport Mediator makes five proposals for reducing noise around the airport

The Mediation Service for the national airport recently presented to Minister of Mobility François Bellot five concrete proposals for a "sustainable airport", making a...

Satellite guidance for landings over Brussels is suspended at Brussels Airport, one municipality reacts negatively

In general, landings at Brussels Airport are most often on runways 25L and 25R, with an approach over Flanders. In less frequent wind conditions,...

150 to court against Brussels Airport torture

At least 150 inhabitants of the region of Brussels went to court against what they call Brussels Airport "torture" Hundred fifty inhabitants, living near Brussels...

Belgian Minister of Mobility confirms Ryanair strategy to avoid paying Brussels Region noise fines

The Ryanair pilots almost always take off from the threshold of runway 25R, said Minister of Mobility François Bellot in response to a parliamentary...

Eleven municipalities in the Province of Flemish Brabant went to court to force a breakthrough in new aviation law

While Minister of Mobility François Bellot (MR) is waiting for a study by "an international agency for research", eleven municipalities in the Province of...

No solution for the Brussels Airport noise issues before 2019

At the start of 2017 Minister of Mobility François Bellot (MR) wanted to force a breakthrough in the discussion on aircraft noise over the Brussels...
Cargo Loaded at Brussels Airport

Air Cargo Global has returned to Brussels Airport, despite the possible noise fines

Since two weeks Air Cargo Global, the Slovakian cargo carrier that left Brussels Airport six months ago, is operating bi-weekly flights again from Zaventem. Newspaper...

Airlines that violated the Brussels Region noise standards have been sued and that’s a first

For the first time three airlines that violated the Brussels region noise standards have been sued, they risk to pay fines between €12,000 and...

Court of First Instance in Brussels disallows “Canal Route” (between 23:00 and 07:00) and “Ring Route”

Two important departure routes will no longer be able to be flown from Brussels Airport, the Court of First Instance in Brussels has ruled...
Brussels Airlines Airbus 319 - OO-SSU landing at Brussels AIrport runway 01 copyright Wim Peeters

Brussels Region keeps on imposing fines, but doesn’t collect them

The Brussels Region keeps on imposing fines to airlines taking off from Brussels Airport, despite the second conflict of interest launched by Flanders. The...

Ryanair’s strategy to avoid paying noise fines in Brussels

According to an article published today in newspaper La Libre Belgique, which could read internal memos of the airline, Ryanair has put in place...

Brussels Airlines will put aside €2million to cover the possible fines imposed by the Brussels Region

On the inauguration flight from Brussels to Mumbai, Brussels Airlines' CEO Bernard Gustin told the Belgian journalists who were present that the airline will put aside...

Flights over Brussels: The State condemned to compensate for the nuisances due to excessive use of Runway 01

The judgement of the Court of Appeal of Brussels condemning the Belgian State to compensate the residents of the eastern periphery of Brussels airport...

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