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Bissau Airport (OXB)

TAP plane fails to land in Bissau due to bad weather and returned to Lisbon after refuelling in Cape Verde

A TAP Airbus A320neo registered CS-TVJ failed to land on Wednesday, 7 September, at Bissau's Osvaldo Vieira Airport (OXB) on flight TP1477 "due to...

TAP Airbus A330-900 blocked in Bissau due to wingtip damage after collision with lamppost

A TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330-900 registered CS-TUH was blocked today (2 May) at Osvaldo Vieira airport in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, after hitting the tip...

Air Sénégal to launch nine new destinations, including flights to Paris

On 4 October, Air Sénégal announced to launch not less than nine new destinations. The Senegalese airline will fly directly to following cities: Abidjan,...

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