Disguised as the famous shark submarine from the Tintin album “Red Rackham’s Treasure”, our Airbus A320, baptized as “Rackham”, will cleave the air every day of the year in search of new adventures.

Passenger of Brussels Airlines flight from Madrid fainted due to air conditioning issue

A Brussels Airlines flight from Madrid to Brussels experienced a malfunction with the air conditioning system, causing passengers to sweat profusely and one person...

Tintin flies five more years with Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart restore Belgian Icon Rackham and partner up for five more years Rackham, still one of the most photographed aeroplanes in the...

Nearly 28 hours delay for a Brussels Airlines flight from Djerba

Some 180 passengers of a Brussels Airlines flight had to spend an extra night on the island of Djerba in Tunisia due to a...

Six Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines: Amare – Aerosmurf – Bruegel – Magritte – Rackham – Trident

2019 Bruegel (OO-SNE) https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/bruegel/6th-belgian-icon-in-honor-of-the-famous-renaissance-painter/ 2018 Meet & greet with five Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/photo-special-meet-greet-with-all-five-belgian-icons-of-brussels-airlines/ 2018 Smurfs (OO-SND) https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/aerosmurf/pictures-unveiling-fifth-belgian-icon-aerosmurf/ 2017 Tomorrowland AMARE (OO-SNF) https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/amare/oo-snf/ 2016 Trident (OO-SNA) and Magritte (OO-SNC) https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/brussels-airlines-a320-trident-presented-fans-red-devils/https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/lufthansa-group/brussels-airlines/brussels-airlines-magritte/ 2015 Rackham...

A visit of Brussels Airlines’ Rackham aircraft to Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Madeira

On Sunday 28 January Brussels Airlines' Belgian icon logo-jet 'Rackham' landed at Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, captain Gwen Salens at the command to perform...

Scoop: After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF) Brussels Airlines will unveil its newest Belgian icon “Malinwa”

After Trident (OO-SNA), Rackham (OO-SNB), Magritte (OO-SNC) and Amare (OO-SNF), Brussels Airlines and KV Mechelen created Malinwa, the fifth aircraft (OO-SSW) in the airline’s Belgian Icons series. This evening Brussels Airlines...

Brussels Airlines: Six months of Rackham. An overview in numbers.

Six months after the official unveiling, Brussels Airlines’ Tintin aircraft can look back on great adventures. Rackham has welcomed over 85,000 travellers and has...

Brussels Airlines unveils Tintin aircraft “Rackham”

Today Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart unveiled something never seen before: an Airbus A320 with a livery inspired by the Belgian cartoon character Tintin. Both...

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