Belgian day at Moscow Sheremetyevo for first Brussels Airlines flight, operated by Aerosmurf

On June 2, 2019, Sheremetyevo International Airport organised an official ceremony for the arrival of the inaugural Brussels Airlines flight from Brussels, which previously...

Six Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines: Amare – Aerosmurf – Bruegel – Magritte – Rackham – Trident

2019 Bruegel (OO-SNE) 2018 Meet & greet with five Belgian Icons of Brussels Airlines 2018 Smurfs (OO-SND) 2017 Tomorrowland AMARE (OO-SNF) 2016 Trident (OO-SNA) and Magritte (OO-SNC) 2015 Rackham...

Brussels Airlines A320 “Aerosmurf” heads back to London Heathrow after engine failure

On 26 August, Aerosmurf, the Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 with a Smurfs livery, suffered an engine failure shortly after take-off from London Heathrow runway...

[Pictures] Brussels Airlines unveils its fifth Belgian Icon: Aerosmurf

7 months, 1415 submitted ideas and 14 painting days after the start of the Belgian Icon contest, Brussels Airlines’ fifth iconic plane is ready... latest trending