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Great Dane Airlines files for bankruptcy

Great Dane Airlines, a Danish airline based in Aalborg, Denmark has filed for bankruptcy, the airline today announced on its official website. Founded in...

Relaunch of route from Groningen (The Netherlands) to Scandinavian Mountains Airport (Sweden) by Great Dane Airlines

Dutch BBI-Travel re-launches the route to Scandinavian Mountains Airport starting on 19 December 2021. Twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays, Dutch can now via...

Great Dane Airlines resumes flights on 5 July, from Aalborg to Malaga

Demand is still high, so Great Dane Airlines will continue to fly to Malaga with 118-seat Embraer E-195 aircraft after an interruption due to...

Great Dane Airlines drops scheduled flights and focuses on charters with a third Embraer E195

Great Dane Airlines (a start-up airline based in Aalborg, Denmark) intends to drop scheduled flights and continue offering charters for tour operators.The airline had...

Great Dane Airlines, a start-up based in Aalborg

At a time when many airlines go belly up, Danish aviation will welcome a new player this summer when Great Dane Airlines makes its...

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