ASL Fly Executive to fly twice a week from Brussels to Ibiza during the Summer of 2021


ASL Fly Executive to fly twice a week from Brussels to Ibiza during the Summer of 2021

Introduced during the Summer of 2020, ASL FLy Executive – ASL Group’s semi-private charter airline – is going to be offering weekly flights between the private terminals of Brussels Airport and Ibiza Airport, using the JetNetherlands’ full corporate-class Embraer ERJ135 Regional Jet registered PH-DWS.

Following the success encountered during the Summer of 2020 when the concept was first launched, ASL Fly Executive will be flying twice a week between Brussels and Ibiza, with flights every Saturday and Wednesday from June 30 till August 18, 2021

The flights will be operated with the Embraer ERJ-135. The aircraft’s spacious cabin with plenty of legroom and a sound-absorbing interior ensures complete privacy and sufficient comfort.

Thanks to its unique configuration – 10 rows with 1 seat on the left and 2 seats on the right – ASL Fly Executive guarantees the option to be seated either alone, or next to someone familiar.

During the flight the crew will serve a first-class meal with champagne by Moët & Chandon:

Brussels – Ibiza (Sat) 09.30-11.40 & 15.00-17.10 (Wed)
Ibiza – Brussels (Sat) 13.00-15.10 & 18.30-20.40 (Wed)

All-In Package

This was one of the most important features of the project when launched in 2020, amid the pandemic, and this year won’t make any difference. The company even promises an improved in-flight experience and customer service.


– Departure from the private terminals in Brussels and Ibiza, with access to VIP lounges
– Corporate seat in the Embraer ERJ-135
– 25 kg of check-in luggage
– 1 personal item
– All drinks and a meal during the flight
– Moët & Chandon champagne service
– Choice between a single or double seat
– CO2 Compensation Plan for each passenger, according to ASL Group’s RISE Program
Booking for the flights between Brussels and Ibiza are possible through the ASL Fly Executive website or through partner travel agencies.
Winter flights to Innsbruck!
In addition to the Ibiza flights, ASL Fly Executive is also happy to announce that the company will be operating flights from Antwerp to Innsbruck during the Winter 2021-2022 Season, with flights every Saturday and Wednesday from January 15 till March 26, 2022.
Antwerp – Innsbrück 17.00-18.10
Innsbrück – Antwerp 19.15-20.25
Brussels – Belgium, May 20, 2021



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