ASL Airlines Belgium is looking for 1 OCC Flight Operations Controller

OCC Flight Operations Controller
Liège Airport Site
Ref: ASLB18-063

Purpose of the job

As a member of the cross functional OCC team, the Flight Operations Controller analyzes, controls and reports flight operations activities in order to meet Freighter Integrators and Airline customers needs and expectations.

Key activities

Daily Flight Operations Plan
To realise the daily operations in the Operations Control Centre of ASL Airlines Belgium in Liege in order to co-ordinate and control the flight operations plan on the Global Air Network.

  • Ensure flight follow-up (watch) for all Airline flights (ASLB, ASLE, WL).
  • Manage the aircraft tail assignment to the routes taking into account noise restrictions, a/c operating limitations.
  • Produce aircraft, crew disposals and technical fleet status reports and distribute it to all concerned parties in accordance with the published weekly programme.
  • Maintain and update the weekly programme once published by the customer.
  • Ensure all operational restrictions and limitations are not impairing the daily/ weekly programme in accordance with all published reports.
  • Ensure runway slots are reflecting the changes to the air network. (Slot management).
  • Ensure all parties, such as handling agents, airlines, etc are kept informed and have acknowledged all operational changes and requirements.
  • Communicate with crews on VHF radio.
  • Listen and communicate on ground radio.
  • Promote and ensure an effective and good working relationship between the OCC and other LGG based departments in order to maximise co-operation and effectiveness amongst Operations.
  • Maintain IS systems to ensure flight programme and information reflects all data, changes and operational restrictions accurately.
  • Perform all parking control duties / Perform all tasks related to the parking control and parking allocation, including communication with customers, airport authorities and all involved parties.
  • Ensure close and effective collaboration with all other members of the OCC and customers.
  • Liaise with Flight Operations Officer to ensure all Flight Operations Officers’ tasks are performed in a matter of effectiveness and perform all Flight Operations Officers’ tasks when required.
  • Report and escalate all issues impacting the air network to the hierarchy and people concerned.
  • Actively control and support the air network in order to avoid any flight and service disruptions and establish contingencies when required.
  • Establish various reports and handovers to ensure efficient communication and reporting.
  • Critical and pro-active seeking of information impacting the operations.
  • Assume responsibility for various other tasks as directed by the OCC Duty Manager such as updating the I-folders with all contact details for handling, fueling, ATC on Network airports.

Preferred experience / knowledge

  • Bachelor level and preferably training in an Airline company.
  • International express or logistics industry background.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience within a major airline environment, preferably Flight Operations.
  • Knowledge of obtaining runway slots and over flight clearances.
  • Ability to work on own initiative in a deadline-driven and multicultural environment.
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments while keeping the helicopter view to monitor the flight operations plan.
  • Very good communication capability both internally and externally.
  • Being computer literate, with knowledge of Windows, and Word for Windows.
  • Fluent use of written and spoken English.
  • To display a positive, open and cooperative behaviour in order to facilitate a good relationship inside and outside the department, avoid and help to solve conflicts.
  • To be rigorous, precise, well organized, solution orientated, proactive, etc.

Contract type

Undetermined period contract – 40h/week in shift pattern (3shifts).

High demand for personal flexibility and operational stress management.

Day & Night / Including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays (H24 / 7 days a week).

How to apply

Please send your CV and your motivation letter via our job portal and indicate the reference code in the subject of your motivation letter.

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