Zaragoza airport (Spain) with 14 mainly new destinations from May, including Brussels South Charleroi

Zaragoza airport © Jzh2074 , CC BY-SA 4.0,

The regional airport of Zaragoza has done good business during the corona crisis despite all the problems in the aviation world because of the freight transport that only increased. But the airport in Aragón is also used for domestic and foreign flights.

From May, Zaragoza Airport will have 14 destinations with 46 flights a week. Until now, the regional airport has only had flights from Wizz Air to Romania and from Binter to the Canary Islands.

But from May, various destinations will be added, both within and outside Spain. The 8 international flights are mainly operated by Ryanair but also by Wizz Air. The 5 domestic flights are on behalf of Ryanair, Binter, Vueling and Air Europa.

One of the foreign destinations that Ryanair flies to is the airport of Brussels South Charleroi (Belgium), which will be connected to Zaragoza from 3 May. Ryanair also has flights to Paris Beauvais (France), Milan Bergamo (Italy), Marrakesh (Morocco), Vienna (Austria), Lisbon (Portugal) and London Stansted (United Kingdom). There are Wizz Air flights to Bucharest and Cluj Napoca in Romania.

Regarding domestic flights, Ryanair flies to Palma de Mallorca and Santiago de Compostela. Vueling and Air Europa also fly from Zaragoza to Palma de Mallorca. Binter flies to Tenerife and Gran Canaria and Air Europa to Palma de Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

ZARAGOZA – April 12, 2021

Source: Spanje Vandaag



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