702,984 Passengers in the Flughafen Wien Group and 562,247 at Vienna Airport in September 2020 (20% of September 2019 figures)

Passenger traffic after the summer months declined slightly once again. In September 2020, passenger volume in the Flughafen Wien Group (Vienna Airport, Malta Airport and Kosice Airport) amounted to 702,984 travellers, comprising a year-on-year decline of 81.5% from September 2019. Vienna Airport registered a drop of 81.1% to 562,247 travellers. The accumulated passenger volume at Vienna Airport in the period January to September 2020 fell by 70.7% to a total of 7,026,879 people travelling.
September 2020 at Vienna Airport: Passenger volume down 81.1%
The number of passengers handled by Vienna Airport in the month of September 2020 declined by 81.1% in a year-on-year comparison to 562,247 travellers. The number of local passengers fell by 79.8%, whereas transfer passengers decreased by 85.2%. The number of flight movements in September 2020 decreased by 61.4% from the prior-year month. Cargo volume at Vienna Airport was down by 27.1% compared to the level of September 2019.
Passenger traffic to Western Europe fell by 78.3% in September 2020, whereas the number of passengers flying to Eastern Europe was down by 85.1%. Passenger traffic to North America decreased by 91.3% from the prior-year month, and the number of passengers flying to Africa dropped by 91.5%. Passenger volume to Middle Eastern destinations showed a decline of 92.3% in September 2020. The number of passengers travelling to destinations in the Far East in the month under review fell by 98.1%.
Malta Airport reported a reduction in passenger volume of 83.1% in the month of September 2020, whereas Kosice Airport registered a decline of 81.0% in the number of passengers it handled compared to the prior-year period.
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