Ursel Air Base, Belgium closes to become Brexit back-up parking

Copyright Bram Botterman

Ursel Air Base, a small aerodrome located in East-Flanders, Belgium, will be closed for air traffic due to Brexit, the Belgian government decided. The impending Brexit is causing large traffic jams at the borders, hence Ursel will be used as a “back-up parking” to relieve the border crossings with the United Kingdom.

In case of saturation, truck drivers will be taken from the E40 highway and have to wait at Ursel air base.

This weekend, both Vliegclub Ursel and Aeroclub Brugge can still fly from and to Ursel, but the airport will close on Sunday evening after sunset, at least until 31 January 2021. These aeroclubs will be forced to fly from Wevelgem near Kortrijk.
Ursel remains a reserve base for the Belgian Air Component. It is available for civilian recreational use during weekends, and hosts two aeroclubs.


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