Libyan Arab Air Cargo Antonov An-124 destroyed during military clash at Tripoli Airport


A Libyan Arab Air Cargo Antonov An-124, registered 5A-DKN, got destroyed at Tripoli Airport during military clashes. In 1994, the cargo aircraft first operated for Antonov Airtracker, then Trans-Charter Airlines, Volga-Dnepr and Libyan Air Cargo.

Since 2010, the aircraft was grounded at the airport of the Libyan capital. A surface-to-air missile has now destroyed the cargo aircraft.

It’s not the first military clash at Tripoli Airport: on 17 January 2018, a heavy clash between two rivaling clans killed 20 people and wounded another 63. At least seven aircraft were damaged.

On 8 April 2019, Tripoli’s only functional airport was hit during an air raid amid battles between forces loyal to Haftar and UN-backed government.

Another Antonov An-124 (5A-DKL) of the same company is in long-term storage at Gostomel Antonov Airport, near Kiev, Ukraine.

Video of the aircraft arriving at Manchester Airport (16 May 2009)

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