Mossad agents from sunken ship on Lake Maggiore, Italy immediately evacuated back to Israel


A dozen secret agents of the Israeli security service Mossad who were able to rescue themselves from a sinking boat on Lake Maggiore, Italy were hurriedly evacuated by private jet. According to Israeli media, the aircraft – a Bombardier Global Express with unknown registration – left Tel Aviv, Israel immediately after the drama. After a short stopover in Milan, the aircraft headed back to Tel Aviv. 

Last Sunday, four people died in the shipwreck of the tourist boat on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. Two of them were Italian spies, a third was an ex-Israeli Mossad security agent, and the fourth was a Russian woman who was the captain’s partner. In total, thirteen Mossad agents, ten Italian spies and two crew members were on board.

According to early findings, the 16-meter party boat capsized as a result of a sudden gust of wind. Yet there is some mistery about the accident: the boat was fully manned by secret agents. Three days after the drama, Italian and Israeli media are still questioning the accident.

According to the authorities, the boat set sail for a birthday party. Before that, they had met to exchange documents. Because the Mossad agents missed their return flight to Israel, they would have been invited to the birthday party by their Italian colleagues.

After the accident, the survivors were shielded from journalists. They barely had time to dry their clothes and were quickly evacuated. Journalist Avi Scharf of Haaretz, the oldest Israeli newspaper, shared a screenshot of the flight data on social media.

Less than 12 hours after the boat accident in which an unnamed Israeli Mossad man was killed, an Israeli executive plane frequently used by the authorities for important missions took off from Israel to Milan, which is close to the lake. After a short time on the ground he took off back to Israel,” he wrote on Twitter:

On Tuesday, Italian authorities succeeded to lift the wreck from the bottom of the lake, at a depth of 16 meters, to the water surface by using inflatable aids.

Meanwhile, the vessel has been towed to shore and is being examined. The authorities will examine that all safety standards and regulations have been met.

The captain of the ship, Claudio Carminati (60), explains to Varese News that he not only lost his ship, but also his wife and his dog: “It happened instantly, in less than 30 seconds the boat capsized and I was in the water. I thought that I was trapped, but I still managed to surface. But my wife Anna (50) didn’t make it,” he said.

Some media question the birthday party story, but according to a timelapse of amateur photographer Lorenzo Alberganti, there was indeed a heavy storm over the lake.



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