The Swedish government wants to close Stockholm’s Bromma Airport

Stockholm Bromma © Maarten Van Den Driessche

The government of Sweden wants to close Bromma Airport. An inquiry has been launched on how the airport will be closed down and how the capacity at Stockholm’s other airport Arlanda can be expanded.

The future of Bromma Airport was the subject of heated debates in recent years. In 2020, Swedavia issued a report stating that it was no longer financially justified to continue operating the airport.

The government is now announcing that it is following Swedavia’s advice and wants to close the airport as soon as possible.

Spokesperson Märta Stenevi commented on the news about Bromma Airport on Swedish television SVT: “We have seen for a period that domestic flights have decreased since 2018, and now Swedavia has also made the assessment that Bromma is not performing financially. It opens up fantastic opportunities for the city of Stockholm to develop a central area where you can start to build homes, plant parks, get biodiversity and more greenery. I am very much looking forward to what you can do with this surface other than parking aircraft on it,” she says in the programme.

Source: SVT


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