Climate activists at Stockholm Bromma: Private jets and hangar spray painted – at least 17 arrested


Police authorities were alerted to an unusual occurrence at Stockholm Bromma Airport in Sweden on Sunday morning. According to Per Fahlström, the spokesperson for the police, a group of individuals had gained access to the airport premises and, in connection with this, had spray-painted an aircraft.

Several people have been on the airport grounds and, in connection with that, sprayed paint on an aircraft,” stated Per Fahlström.

According to the police, a total of 17 or 18 individuals have been detained in connection with this incident.

They are suspected of airport sabotage,” added Per Fahlström.

In a press release, climate activists have claimed responsibility for the act and have stated that it is part of a “global campaign calling for a ban on private jets.”

The hangar at the airport, owned by a company that operates taxi and ambulance flights, was defaced with spray paint.

It did not affect regular air traffic,” said Robert Pletzin, the press manager at Swedavia.


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