Small fire activates fire alarm at Singapore Changi Airport, terminal 2 evacuated, flights delayed


The fire alarm was activated at Singapore Changi Airport terminal 2 at 05:40 PM local time due to smoke coming trough the air vents. Evacuation of the terminal was intitiated and the Changi Airport emergency service team came onsite.

Around 1 hour later the location and the cause of the smoke was found, in fact a small fire broke out in the terminal. Shortly after the situation was under control. 3 people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

2 hours after the fire the terminal was still filled with smoke, the Singapore Civil Defence Force team pulled in fans to clear the smoke.

At about 10:50 PM terminal 2 was cleared for restarting operations, flight operations resumed progressively with some arriving flights. Passengers will expect significant flight delays and are requested to check the Changi Airport website and the iChangi app.

Passengers evacuated on the tarmac




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