Unfortunate aircraft collision at Palma de Mallorca Airport, Spain, on 19 September


In the morning of 19 September, at around 9:30 local time, an unfortunate mishap occurred at Palma Airport, Spain. A ready-to-take-off Condor Boeing 757-300 (registered D-ABOJ) was clipped by an Air Europa Boeing 737-800 (registered EC-MJU) while it was being parked.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, and there was only minor damage to the aircraft, as reported by a spokesperson for the airport operator, Aena. The collision between the wings occurred at low speed. Pieces broke off from both planes and fell to the ground, as shown in the video below that was published on social media platform X.

While the Air Europa flight (arriving from Barcelona on flight UX6007 at the moment of the incident) couldn’t depart for Bilbao as UX7506, the Condor aircraft could not leave for Frankfurt on flight DE1774, Germany as planned, and both planes need repairs before their next flights.

All passengers on board were able to disembark from the plane, and, as the spokesperson further stated, they were expected to be flown back to their homes in the late afternoon using a replacement aircraft. Authorities have initiated investigations into the cause of the accident.


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