Ostend Airport: Lower passenger figures in November (-93%) are compensated by good cargo results (+66%)


The good cargo results of the past months continue in November. This month, 3,917 tonnes of air freight was traded at Ostend Airport. That is an increase of 66.2% compared to November 2019. The strong cargo results ensure that the total number of freight traded rose 140% compared to last year. The airport expects these good figures to continue in December. In addition, the airport is also preparing for a possible role in the distribution of the corona vaccine.

The high cargo figures are a nice boost for Ostend Airport, which welcomed only 1,584 passengers in November. This is a 93% decrease compared to the 21,936 passengers in November 2019. This downward trend is the result of the second corona wave in Europe. This ensured that, except for a few flights to Alicante during the autumn holidays, all other destinations were temporarily suspended.

In addition, the airline TUI Fly decided to temporarily suspend all operations at the regional airports from 9 November until February 2021. The airport welcomed 110,650 passengers from January to November. In the same period last year, there were 436,108 passengers.

December will be a good month for freight traffic at the airport. The fourth quarter is traditionally the strong quarter in terms of cargo figures. The airport is therefore aiming to reach the 50,000 tonnes mark in December.

Ostend Airport is looking forward to 2021 in good spirits and is doing everything it can to offer passengers a safe and comfortable departure again in the new year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


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