Fastned opens first fast charging station in Belgium at Ostend-Bruges International Airport


Fastned, the fast charging company that is building a European network of fast-charging stations, today opens its first fast-charging station in Belgium. The station at Ostend-Bruges International Airport is a milestone for Belgium because the number of electric vehicles is also growing in Belgium to such an extent that the importance of charging points cannot be underestimated. At this station, four cars can charge up to 300 km range in just 15 minutes and that with electricity from solar and wind energy.

The station will be officially opened today by Marcel Buelens, CEO of Ostend-Bruges International Airport, Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned, Bart Tommelein, Mayor of Ostend,  and Alderman of Enterprises Charlotte Verkeyn.

Fastned’s mission is to give freedom to the driver of electric cars and accelerate the transition to electric driving. That is why Fastned is building a European network of a thousand fast-charging stations. Here, electric drivers can recharge up to 300 km range in fifteen minutes with electricity from the sun and wind. Fastned has 126 fast-charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and now also the first station in Belgium. More Fastned stations will be built in Belgium in the coming years.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned: “The opening of the first Fastned station in Belgium is a great step in the expansion of our European fast-charging network. Belgium is the fourth country where Fastned will build a network of fast-charging stations. With this, we make it increasingly easier for people to switch to an electric car. Ostend-Bruges Airport is a unique location with a lot of traffic, where electric drivers can now charge their electric car quickly. In the coming years, we will be building many more stations in Belgium in cities and along motorways. ”

All Fastned stations are publicly accessible 24/7 and suitable for all electric cars. Charging and payment are done via the Fastned app or by holding a charging card in front of the charger. Electric drivers can fast charge with almost any charge card, fuel card and / or credit card at Fastned.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the support of the BENEFIC project, which is part of the European “Connecting Europe Facility” program, funded by the European Commission.

The fact that Fastned is opening its first electric fast-charging station in Belgium on the territory of Ostend-Bruges airport shows the airport’s drive towards sustainable projects. Ostend-Bruges International Airport attaches great importance to care for the environment and sustainable entrepreneurship.

In the context of sustainable development, Ostend Airport also wants to continue to pursue its sustainable ambitions and further develop into a modern mobility centre.

Marcel Buelens, CEO Ostend-Bruges Airport: “Every new, green and innovative measure or action that we take within the framework of sustainability also takes local economic growth into account. In this way, the airport does not only want to create added value for travellers – with a smooth and fast service – but also for its environment.

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters: “We want to give electric vehicles more freedom to drive electrically and to travel greater distances, which is why there is a need for an area-wide network of charging infrastructure and fast charging points like this one here at Ostend Airport. It can be an incentive for private individuals and companies to opt for zero-emission vehicles. In the future, Fastned fast-charging stations will appear on the streets. At the beginning of this year, through the Agency for Roads and Traffic, I granted the permit to Fastned for the construction of 13 fast-charging stations along Flemish motorways. In this way, we are further working on greening the vehicle fleet through targeted campaigns.”

Flemish Minister of Innovation and Deputy Prime Minister of the Flemish government Hilde Crevits: “Digital and sustainable are the keywords for the future. With Flanders, we are fully involved in that story and we are putting ourselves on the map as an innovation leader. Innovation is the solution to many current social challenges such as climate and mobility. Electric mobility is one of those solutions that safeguards our air quality and climate for future generations. As Minister of Innovation, I am therefore very proud that Fastned is opening its first Belgian fast-charging station in West Flanders. From Ostend, a city by the sea, this technology can now spread like a wave over the rest of Flanders.”

Mayor of Ostend Bart Tommelein: “The construction of this fast-charging station at the airport shows ambition. As many as 4 cars can be fully charged at the same time in 15 minutes based on solar and wind energy. Ostend is proud of its scoop: the first Fastned charging station in Flanders. This makes us a solid link in a sustainable European network. As a local government, we, together with innovative entrepreneurs, take up the challenge of reducing our ecological footprint, without turning back the clock.”

Alderman of Enterprise Charlotte Verkeyn: “The City of Ostend wants to actively focus on sustainability and innovation. Entrepreneurs can play an important role in this. Because the airport is taking the lead in having Belgium’s first Fastned fast-charging station installed in Ostend, they are taking a pioneering role in showing how it can be done.”


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