On 2 September, Virunga pilot Anthony Caere will present his new aircraft at Ostend Airport


Back in April 2017, Virunga pilot Anthony Caere – also known from the documentary Flying Doctors (één) – had a serious crash with a Cessna 206. He had to recover from a serious head injury due to the crash. Anthony became world famous as he saved a one-year-old chimp out of the hands of poachers.

Last year, Anthony started with a crowdfunding to buy a new aircraft. That aircraft has now been painted in the official Virunga colors, and he is very proud to present the aircraft to its sponsors and followers. On Sunday 2 September between 10:00 and 16:00, you will be able to visit the aircraft at Ostend Airport.

Niewpoortsesteenweg 945
8400 Ostend


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