No trains to Oslo airport due to flooded tracks, but air traffic almost normal

Oslo Airport: Arrivals and train station

Train services between Oslo S and Eidsvoll, including routes to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, have been disrupted due to flooding caused by extreme weather. While flights from Oslo Airport remain mostly on schedule despite the weather, train services by Vy and Flytoget have been halted, with no plans to provide extra buses due to weather-related conditions.

Passengers are left to find alternative transportation, potentially leading to chaotic situations and long queues. Some travellers have reported disappointment and frustration due to a lack of information and limited options. Airport buses, self-driving, carpooling, and taxis are suggested alternatives. Unibuss Ekspress and OSL-Ekspressen are operating normally but won’t increase bus numbers.

Oslo Airport urges travellers to plan their journeys carefully and allow for extra time due to the train line closure. While air traffic has been delayed throughout the day, flights are still departing from the airport.


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