Serious delays at LaGuardia Airport due to staff shortages at air traffic control

© Jan Millet

The U.S. Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) are noticing a slight increase in sick leaves at two air traffic control facilities along the East Coast. Due to these staffing shortages, there are major delays at LaGuardia Airport (New York). On average, departures are delayed around 45 minutes, arrivals are delayed 1 hour 26 minutes and airborne flights have been delayed around one hour. 

The President has been briefed and we are monitoring the ongoing delays at some airports. We are in regular contact with officials at the Department of Transportation and the FAA,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.

As of Friday morning, Delta (the largest user of LaGuardia) is experiencing about 200 flight delays at New York LaGuardia Airport as well as other airports in the Northeast region due to the FAA’s Ground Delay Program. Delta is working to re-accommodate customers to their destinations and encourages customers travelling on Friday to check or the Fly Delta App for their current flight status.


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