Major overhaul on runway 04R-22L at JFK might cause delays


From the 23rd of April runway 4Right-22Left, which handles nearly half the airport’s landings, will be the third of the airport’s four JFK runways to receive a major overhaul since 2010, the renovation works might take up to 5 months. Delays are to be expected, also at nearby airports like LaGuardia and Newark.

The modernization efforts at John F. Kennedy International Airport will cost around $500 million,  rehabilitating this major runway, including the addition of a new high-speed taxiway will help reducing airport delays.

The project will create roughly 660 jobs, $43 million in wages and close to $200 million in economic activity over its lifespan.

At 8,400 feet long and 200 feet wide and running on a mostly northeast-southwest axis, Runway 4R-22L accommodated 47 percent of all arrivals at JFK in 2014, handling nearly 95,000 aircraft operations. As the heavily used runway shows signs of use, the resurfacing will maintain a state-of-good-repair, with additional improvements to enhance safety and reduce delays.


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