Nairobi Airport closed after Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747 suffers bird strike


A Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 (registered 9V-SFO) that got disabled on the runway hampered air traffic from this morning throughout the afternoon at Nairobi Airport, Kenya. The freighter was ready for departure operating flight SQ7343 to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, when during take-off, the aircraft suffered a bird strike.

At least one engine got damaged forcing the pilots to abort the take-off. Due to the impact of the emergency stop, eleven of the sixteen tires deflated.

Firefighter services rushed to the aircraft to inspect the aircraft. Looking at pictures that appeared on social media, foam was used to smother any possible fire.

Airport authorities decided to remove 100 tonnes of cargo from the aircraft before installing new tires onto the stuck 747. It was expected that air traffic would resume at 15:30 LT.


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