Munich Airport closed again amid flight chaos caused by freezing rain: travel disruptions extend to train services

Munich Airport under snow © Munich Airport

Munich Airport is closed again due to freezing rain, causing flight disruptions. Flights were suspended until noon due to unsafe conditions. Passengers were advised not to travel unless their flight was confirmed.

This concerns at least 150 departing flights and at least 160 landings that are cancelled this Tuesday morning. Due to sudden snowfall last weekend, hundreds of passengers have been stuck at Munich Airport, Germany’s second-largest airport, for more than two days. Complaints arose on social media about cancelled flights and poor service.

German airline Lufthansa confirms that hundreds of passengers are stranded in its terminals. Some had to spend the night there several times. According to the airport spokesman, there were about 1,500 passengers on Monday evening.

Train services were also affected, with Deutsche Bahn urging travellers to postpone journeys. Passengers impacted by the weather were offered ticket flexibility and refunds.

The situation extended beyond Munich, impacting other German regions. The closure prompted frustration among travellers stuck for days and facing challenges in contacting airlines for rebooking.


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